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A Veiled Attempt

There are some fun facts about the wedding veil and its significance in history. Elite women in ancient greek and Persian empires wore the veil as a sign of high status, in Italy it was worn as a sign of modesty and in ancient times it was even used to hide the bride "from evil spirits who might want to thwart her happiness". Its significance in the western world evolved to represent a woman's chastity and some still consider that to be the significance today.

Regardless of what you believe, the veil remains a beautiful adornment and if you are a bride considering whether to wear one on your special day, here are a few reasons why you should:-

Veils look beautiful on your wedding photos

A veil is one of the best tools for your photographer. Imagine the pictures in this blog without a veil- they wouldn't have turned out as dramatic or romantic.

You don't have to wear a veil over your face

One of our brides once commented "I don't want to feel like they trying to keep the flies off me!". If you are a practical gal, if traditions puts you off or if the idea of a veil makes the feminist inside you want to burn something, the good news is that veils today don't have to be worn over the face. In fact many of them only have one tier and one purpose- to accessorise and adorn you.

The science of light

Just as a net curtain diffuses light and produces soft light in a space, the same happens with a veil. There is something truly beautiful about the way light catches a soft veil and how it frames a bride's face.

Ouma will be proud

Ok, we had to throw in this one. Even if you don't feel tied to tradition there are others in your family that may love the traditional elements of a wedding. It is very special and rewarding to consider the ones that love you and make them proud on your wedding day.

A touch of sparkle or lace

The right veil can bring the most simple dress alive. Think Megan Markle. A swarovski, embroidered or lace edging on a veil can be the little bit of embelishment that pulls the whole look together. Don't underestimate the power of delicate detail.

You probably want one even though you don't realise it

We have often heard "I don't want a veil" shortly followed by "Oh wow, that looks really nice". Give it a try...you never know......

You will never wear a wedding veil again

If you are a fashionista, this is your only chance to wear this gorgeous accessory. As they say, a woman never wears a veil on her second marriage because this time she wants to see what she is getting! All jokes aside- wear it once, wear it fabulously!

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