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Memorable little details

Whilst the wedding dress is one of your most important purchases, its the little details that can really pull a beautiful bridal style together and showcase your exquisite taste and individuality.   Here are a few simple things to bear in mind when choosing your accessories:-

The Ring

The wedding ring is by far the most important of all your bridal “accessories”. Afterall this ring is an  accessory you will wear with every outfit for the rest your life!  Choosing a wedding ring should be an exciting experience but there are a few practicalities to bear in mind:-

  • Chose something you will still love in 10 years time
  • Consider your lifestyle- chose a stone and precious metal that will cope with your activities
  • Don’t rush the purchase- its an emotional purchase but also a decision you will live with for a very long time
  • Buy your engagement ring and wedding band together- the two should complement each other
  • Try it on for comfort


Hair jewellery and veil

Whether you chose to wear your hair in an elegant upstyle or prefer it to cascade beautifully over your shoulders, a carefully chosen hair adornment can add a touch of glamour to your look.  A very simple hairstyle deserves a statement piece of jewellery, carefully placed to complement the style. Alternatively, if you have chosen a more elaborate hairstyle, keep the accessories simple, for example, a headband made of a single string of Swarovski crystals.  If you love nature some fresh flowers look beautiful paired with a swarorovski or pearl hair pins for a touch of sparkle.

A veil remains a beautiful adornment and a great tool for your photographer as it makes for stunning pictures. A veil softens the light around your face and a touch of beading can catch the light beautifully.  


 Necklace and Earrings

When choosing a necklace and earrings always consider the neckline and material of your dress. Your jewellery should pick up on some of the details on your dress.  Take a close look at the little details on your dress- if it has clear beads then Swarovski cystals in your jewellery will complement the dress well.  If your dress has silver beading , rhinestones can match well.  Pearls work well with most white, ivory and lace gowns while Rose gold works best with Ivory.


The garter

A garter makes for great entertainment value during the reception.  There are many fun ways of getting the garter off!  If you are a sentimental bride there are garter sets which include one “throw” garter and one that you can keep (and possibly use on a sexy anniversary night…..) You can also choose to personalise your keepsake garter with embroidery or ribbon with the Bride and Groom’s names.

It’s a good idea to only put it on after the ceremony (just before the reception) as you do not want to worry about it slipping down your leg while you walk down the aisle!

The Shoes

The most important rule is “Wear shoes you can walk in”. Your wedding day is not the best time to try wearing 6 inch platform heels for the first time.  Chose shoes that you will be comfortable in and ensure that any detail or buckles do not catch on your gown.  If you are not accustomed to walking in heels but need some extra height, there are many beautiful bridal wedges to chose from.  If you plan to dance the night away buy a pair of ballet pumps so that you can kick your heels off in the evening. 


Choose wisely as your accessories can be worn again after the wedding and they can also serve as keepsakes that you can pass on to the next generation if you invest in something classic, timeless and elegant.

It’s the little details that make all the difference!


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